Portrait of Sharad Agarwal

Sharad Agarwal

Senior Principal Researcher



I’m a computer science researcher, engineer, and angel investor in the Seattle tech industry. I have spent 16 years at Microsoft Research, working on advanced & applied research in mobile computing, networking, and cloud services.

I have advanced the state-of-the-art in several technical areas, including scalable cloud services, network traffic management, latency in multiplayer games, and geo-distributed online services. I have co-authored 40 academic publications with over 6,700 citations, and co-invented 48 issued patents. I have served on over 60 committees for international conferences, workshops, journals and the NSF.

I have worked closely with Microsoft business groups in my research, and have impacted Microsoft products, including Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8. Together with a small team of researchers and engineers, I’ve designed, implemented and stood up a scalable service on Azure that has served over 21 million users. I was recently named an ACM Distinguished Member for outstanding engineering…