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Sharad Agarwal

Senior Researcher


I’m a Seattle-based computer science researcher & engineer. I’ve been at Microsoft Research for over 12 years, working on advanced & applied research in mobile computing, networking, and cloud services.

I’ve led projects in several areas, including wireless data traffic management, reducing latency in multiplayer gaming, and geo-distributed online services. I’ve co-authored over 35 technical publications, and co-invented over 40 issued and pending patents. I’ve worked closely with Microsoft business groups in my research, and have impacted Microsoft products, including Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8. I’ve served on over 30 committees for international conferences, workshops, journals and the NSF.

I’m an active angel investor in the Pacific Northwest.

You can find more up-to-date information about me and contact me via my LinkedIn profile or my personal webpage.



Established: December 2, 2012

To improve the quality of mobile apps, developers need to monitor app performance in the wild. This task is made challenging by the asynchronous nature of mobile apps, and the resource limitations of the mobile platform. To address this challenge, we have developed a system called AppInsight that instruments app binaries to automatically identify the critical path in user transactions, across asynchronous-call boundaries. AppInsight is lightweight, and does not need any changes to the phone…

HomeOS: Enabling smarter homes for everyone

Established: September 30, 2010

It is no secret that homes are ever-increasing hotbeds of new technology such as set-top boxes, game consoles, wireless routers, home automation devices, tablets, smart phones, and security cameras. This innovation is breeding heterogeneity and complexity that frustrates even technically-savvy users’ attempts to improve day-to-day life by implementing functionality that uses these devices in combination. For instance, it is impossible for most users to view video captured by their security camera on their smartphone when…

NetMedic: Detailed and Understandable Network Diagnosis

Established: August 19, 2010

NetMedic helps operators perform detailed diagnosis in computer networks. It diagnoses not only generic faults (e.g., performance-related) but also application specfic faults (e.g., error codes). It identifies culprits at a fine granularity such as a process or firewall configuration. Our work focuses on both the algorithmic aspects of detailed diagnosis as well as the important task of explaining diagnostic reasoning to the operator. Talks Detailed and understandable network diagnosis University of Wisconsin, Nov 2009; Georgia…

VanLan: Investigating Connectivity from Moving Vehicles

Established: February 27, 2008

Our goal is to enable cheap and high-throughput wireless connectivity to moving vehicles in urban areas. Our goal is to enable cheap and high-throughput wireless connectivity to moving vehicles in urban areas. The available options for such connectivity today fall short in significant ways. Cellular networks are expensive and have low throughput. Same is likely to be true of WiMax networks if they were to become a reality. While some exisiting WiFi basestations can provide…














ELDA (E-mail Loss-Detection Add-in)

February 2008

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