I am a Senior Researcher at the Microsoft Research lab in Bangalore, India. My research interests include Cryptography, Complexity Theory, and Theoretical Computer Science in general.

Longer Statement for IACR BoD Election

I am proud of being a member of IACR. Running entirely on voluntary efforts by researchers in cryptology, IACR stands today as one of the best research organizations in computer science in terms of impact, outreach, and professionalism. By wishing to serve as a director of IACR, my goal is to turn the inspiration I receive from its members into a personal contribution to its mission. As a specific goal, I would like to focus on increasing the impact and outreach of IACR in the Asia Pacific region. This region has seen tremendous growth in research activity in cryptology in recent years and a recognition of the importance of this research in academia, industry, and governments. IACR has been playing a critical role in this growth and will continue to influence cryptology research in the Asia Pacific region. These research communities in turn enrich the international nature of IACR by bringing their unique perspectives and challenges to its attention. Having been part of the cryptology community in this region for over a decade, I believe I can represent these unique perspectives and challenges on the board of IACR. I’d appreciate your support to do so as a director of IACR. Thank you.

Recent Community Service