Portrait of Sauleh Eetemadi

Sauleh Eetemadi

Senior Research Software Development Engineer


Sauleh Eetemadi joined the Natural Language Processing  group in 2005 to help productize Machine Translation. As a software developer he was responsible for the initial distributed machine translation architecture and implementation (most of which still remains at the core of the machine translation service) under the leadership of Andreas Bode and Steve Richardson. He also prototyped the first Image Translation service and mobile client (Patent US20110252316 ) that was presented to Bill Gates to secure more funding for productization of Machine Translation. After the machine translation product became more mature (grew from under 5 to over 30 people) Sauleh continued his contributions to various aspects of the product (e.g., Autopilot adaptation, Query Translation and Instant Answers, Hub Translator , Crisis MT and Skype Translator) while pursuing a research career focusing on the role of training data in Statistical Machine Translation quality in parallel. He defended his dissertation titled “Data Analysis and Selection for Statistical Machine Translation” in April 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Hayder Radha and Dr. Kristina Toutanova.

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Microsoft Translator Hub

Established: February 14, 2012

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