Portrait of Sébastien Bubeck

Sébastien Bubeck

Sr Principal Research Manager


Sebastien Bubeck leads the Machine Learning Foundations group at Microsoft Research Redmond. He joined MSR in 2014, after three years as an assistant professor at Princeton University. He received several best paper awards at machine learning conferences for his work on online decision making, convex optimization, and adversarial robustness (NeurIPS 2021, NeurIPS 2018, ALT 2018, COLT 2016, COLT 2009). He also wrote two monographs, “Regret Analysis of Stochastic and Non-Stochastic Multi-Armed Bandit Problems” (2012) and “Convex Optimization: Algorithms and Complexity” (2014).

Full list of publications at sbubeck.com (opens in new tab) and follow him on Twitter (opens in new tab) and Youtube (opens in new tab).