Portrait of Sebastian Nowozin

Sebastian Nowozin

Principal Researcher


I develop novel algorithms and models for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

My current research interest is in the following areas:

  1. Probabilistic deep learning methods for unsupervised learning and semi-supervised structured prediction;
  2. Consequences of model misspecification on estimation and on decision problems;
  3. Understanding agent complexity in order to improve learning efficiency;
  4. Designing models for reasoning and planning.

In terms of methodology I am interested in structured prediction, deep learning, Monte Carlo methods, and decision theory.

My work has found industrial applications in computer vision, cloud-based machine learning, gesture recognition, statistical image processing, numerical optimization, and in time-of-flight imaging.


SlideShow Gestures-WPF

The SlideShow Gestures-WPF sample shows how you are able to use the Kinect for Windows SDK to control Windows applications through the use of gestures. It uses research from the Microsoft Research Cambridge lab to trigger events when the user performs a gesture.   The included source code provides a simple slide-show application, which processes the gesture recognition events from the runtime DLL to navigate through a series of images drawn from the 'Pictures' folders…

Virtual Algorithms Center (VIRAL)

Established: December 27, 2013

MSR has a strong group of scientists working on algorithm design, analysis, and experimental evaluation, as well as researchers in related areas (e.g., coding theory), but no formal algorithms group. The Virtual Algorithms Center (VIRAL) brings these individuals together. The goals of the center is to enhance collaboration between algorithms researchers and the rest of MSR, provide internal consulting, and give an external view of the algorithms research at MSR.