Portrait of Steve Hodges

Steve Hodges

Senior Principal Researcher


Steve Hodges is a fellow of the IEEE and the IET. He has been granted over 130 patents and has published over 80 top-tier peer-reviewed papers with over 21,000 citations, four lasting impact “test-of-time” awards and an h-index of 67. His research has frequently been covered by the popular media including Time MagazineScienceScientific AmericanNew Scientist and the BBC. Many of his projects, including the BBC micro:bitSenseCam and Azure Sphere, have had a direct and significant real world impact.

Steve joined Microsoft’s Cambridge research lab in 2004 with the ambition of building hardware systems that change people’s perceptions of technology and how it can be used. He founded and led the Sensors and Devices research group, exploring emerging hardware technologies and creating compelling novel interactive devices and experiences for individuals, communities and organizations. Through collaborations within Microsoft and with external partners, many of these innovations successfully made the transition to product.

Steve subsequently led hardware strategy and development for a new Microsoft product, the Azure Sphere connected device security solution. In 2018 Steve returned to research where he continues to work on interactive and embedded hardware systems. He is particularly interested in physical computing and ways to democratize hardware design and production.

Steve’s technical expertise spans interactive systems, connected devices, wireless communications, novel sensing and displays, embedded camera systems, location systems, energy management, security, wearable technologies and rapid prototyping. He collaborates widely to conceive, develop and evaluate and disseminate creative new ideas in domains which include the internet of things, mobile computing, assistive technologies, computer science education and the developer and maker communities. By combining hardware-related research insights with emerging technologies he aims to seed new concepts, tools and technologies in the market.

During his career Steve has developed and explored numerous technologies and devices. Projects such as Azure Sphere, BBC micro:bit, SenseCam, .NET Gadgeteer, the EPC, software-defined batteries, the Touch Mouse, Kinect Fusion, Circuit Stickers, the Active Bat, and ThinSight are good examples of impactful research which has influenced a wide community and created new market opportunities.

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