Portrait of Siân Lindley

Siân Lindley

Senior Researcher


I am a social scientist in the Human Experience & Design (HXD) group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. I am currently researching organisational memory, content reuse and remix, cross-application workflows, and flexibility and productivity in freelance and gig work. I work in interdisciplinary teams to produce user insights, envisionments and prototypes.

To learn more about my recent work, take a look at our papers published this year on remix in the workplace and new file metaphors.

Whilst at Microsoft I have also studied digital possessions (you can find out more by watching my TEDx talk), web use, technology for older adults, wearable cameras, messaging devices and situated displays. I have a PhD in Psychology from the University of York and an MSc in Human-Centred Computing Systems from the University of Sussex. I was a Lecturer at UCL before joining Microsoft in 2007.


I am Papers co-chair for CSCW 2020.
I recently co-organised a workshop at CHI 2019 on the ‘Future of Work‘.
I was co-chair of CHI Lites Glasgow in May 2019, an outreach event for SIGCHI featuring bite-sized talks on the future of life with tech.