Portrait of Stefano Balietti

Stefano Balietti

Postdoc Researcher


Stefano Balietti is a postdoc at Microsoft Research Computational Social Science. Previously, he was a postdoc at the Northeastern Network Science Institute and a fellow at the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science. His methodology of investigation brings together agent-based computer simulations and laboratory and online behavioral experiments. His current research agenda revolves around the study of human behavior in large-scale natural and ad-hoc-built virtual environments. He uses bots to trigger specific conditions, and artificial intelligence to determine optimal experimental designs (Bayesian methods and advanced machine learning). His research interests encompass:

  • incentives schemes for collective intelligence, in particular peer review systems;
  • optimal experimental designs, Bayesian optimization with Gaussian processes;
  • consensus formation and social influence, in particular in epistemic communities;
  • implementation of noisy institutions;
  • efficiency and equality in coordination and public-good games;
  • philosophy of science, in particular Paul Feyerabend’s body of work.

Stefano is also an active developer. He created a JavaScript platform for conducting real-time online behavioral experiments directly in the browser called nodeGame: http://nodegame.org.

Full list of publications on my personal web site: http://stefanobalietti.com.