I am a Researcher in the Biological Computation Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. I am interested in the self-organization principles that govern biological system on a molecular scale. To this end, I am developing theoretical frameworks that combine biophysical conceptualization and computational methods to help understand, predict, and control biological systems on a quantitative level. Part of my current research is focused on noise regulation in genetic circuits such as quorum sensing networks and synthetic devices. A particularly interesting question I am trying to answer is how well quantitative details such as kinetic rate constants can be inferred from noisy, heterogenous biological data.

My academic background is in Statistical and Biological Physics. During my PhD and Postdoc with Erwin Frey at the LMU Munich I developed a new theoretical framework for mass-conserved reaction-diffusion dynamics. Such dynamics ubiquitously govern intracellular protein pattern formation which plays a crucial role in many biological processes such as cell division or morphogenesis.



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