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Tom Ball

Research Manager/
Principal Researcher


I am a research manager in the area of software engineering. My research interests are in how combinations of static/dynamic program analysis, model checking and theorem proving techniques can help improve the correctness and reliability of programs. Most recently, I’ve been working on physical computing and CS education.  See my papers for more details.

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I grew up in Summit, NJ, where my claim to fame was writing a game for the Apple ][ called Falcons in 1980 with high school pal Eric Varsanyi (see The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers). I attended Cornell University (B.A. 1987), and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D. 1993). From 1993-1999, I was at Bell Labs in Naperville, IL in the (now defunct) Software Production Research Department. After 12 years as a Midwesterner, I had had enough. Now I live in Mercer Island, WA. I have sung in various Unitarian Universalist choirs, play e-bass (mainly jazz, blues, some rock ‘n roll) and piano.  I now play in a band called the “The Middle Third“.