Portrait of Tom Cashman

Tom Cashman

Senior Scientist


I am a scientist with HoloLens at Microsoft in Cambridge. My research is focused on obtaining 3D digital models, particularly smooth and articulated models, of people and objects.

I have previously worked on geometric problems in computer graphics and computer vision at the University of Cambridge, the University of Lugano and TranscenData Europe.

Short Bio

Tom Cashman is a Senior Scientist in the HoloLens research team at Microsoft in Cambridge. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, completing his PhD in 2010. The resulting thesis was runner-up in the British Computer Society’s Distinguished Dissertation competition and received the Eurographics PhD Award. Tom’s PhD included an internship at Microsoft Research Cambridge, working with Andrew Fitzgibbon to answer “What shape are dolphins?” by building 3D morphable models from 2D images. After spending two years as a postdoc at the University of Lugano, he returned to Cambridge to work with TranscenData Europe as a software engineer and technical lead on R&D projects in geometry handling, before joining Microsoft in 2015.


Fully Articulated Hand Tracking

Established: October 2, 2014

We present a new real-time articulated hand tracker which can enable new possibilities for human-computer interaction (HCI). Our system accurately reconstructs complex hand poses across a variety of subjects using only a single depth camera. It also allows for a high-degree of robustness, continually recovering from tracking failures. However, the most unique aspect of our tracker is its flexibility in terms of camera placement and operating range.   Screenshots Please note, we are using a…