Portrait of Tom Cashman

Tom Cashman

Principal Scientist


I am a scientist with the Mixed Reality team working on HoloLens (opens in new tab) at Microsoft in Cambridge (opens in new tab). My research focuses on technologies that allow computers to understand people, in all of our diversity and complexity.

I have previously worked on geometric problems in computer graphics and vision at the University of Cambridge (opens in new tab), the University of Lugano (opens in new tab) and ITI Global (opens in new tab).

  • Tom Cashman is a Principal Scientist in the Mixed Reality team at Microsoft. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, where his PhD on geometric representations for smooth surfaces received the Eurographics PhD Award. Tom’s PhD included an internship at Microsoft Research, working with Andrew Fitzgibbon to answer “What shape are dolphins?” by building 3D morphable models from 2D images. After spending two years as a postdoc at the University of Lugano, he returned to Cambridge to work as a software engineer and technical lead on R&D projects in geometry handling before joining Microsoft in 2015. Tom now leads a team of scientists working on problems in computer vision for Mixed Reality, with a focus on technologies that allow computers to understand people, and to use that understanding to create new possibilities for remote virtual presence.