Portrait of Trevor Carnahan

Trevor Carnahan

Principal Engineering Manager


I am a software engineering manager on the Tools for Software Engineers team focused on solutions for understanding software engineering organizations and improving engineering processes both external companies worldwide and at Microsoft internally. My team works on Microsoft’s internal engineering data analytics platform CodeMine and is staffing to deliver key capabilities externally via Visual Studio Team System.

My interests revolve around data-driven decision making on software projects, engineering process measurement and process improvement, software testing and quality assurance.

My team works in a close collaboration with many MSR teams:

Empirical Software Engineering (ESE – MSR Redmond)
Research in Software Engineering (RiSE – MSR Redmond)
Rigorous Software Engineering (RSE – MSR India)

I joined Microsoft in 2006, by way of the SQL Server team.  I incubated and grew a small data team focused on Engineering Intelligence from 3 to 22 over my five years as development lead before joining TSE.

Prior to Microsoft I was development manager and architect at ShareBuilder.com where I learned all about engineering services, devops, and got a thirst for data-driven business.