Portrait of Vikram Dendi

Vikram Dendi

Chief Product Officer, AI+R NExT


Vikram is the Chief Product Officer for Microsoft Research New Experiences and Technologies organization and acts as Technical Advisor to the head of NExT. He is responsible for increasing the impact of Microsoft’s research investments and oversees several teams and initiatives towards transforming Microsoft’s research efforts into big bets for the company.

Vikram’s recent startup work at Microsoft involved transforming research technologies like machine translation into high value developer and user experiences. He was responsible for shaping the product direction and business strategy for Microsoft’s translation platform, which is used by most major Microsoft products, including Bing, Office and Windows, as well as many partner products (Facebook, eBay, Twitter, etc.). Over the course of his tenure at Microsoft, he contributed to a number of other “new product” efforts in a variety of areas including Maps, Location Based Services, Phone and Emerging Markets. Vikram’s resume at Microsoft includes stints in…