Portrait of Vivek Narasayya

Vivek Narasayya

Principal Researcher


Vivek Narasayya is a researcher at Microsoft Researcher with an interest in data systems and their processes.

Research Interests

Research Interests

Self-tuning database systems, Physical database design Performance monitoring, diagnostics and tuning of databases Query processing and optimization Multi-tenant database systems, performance isolation

Professional Activities

Professional Activities

PC Co-Chair

VLDB 2012 (Industrial track) SMDB 2011, DBTEST 201

Editorial Board of VLDB Journal Track/Area Chair

CIKM 2014: Query Language, Query Processing, Access Methods and Concurrency Control

Program Committee:

ACM SIGMOD 2003, 2008 (Industrial track), 2012, 2014 (Industrial track) VLDB 2006, PVLDB 2008-2010, PVLDB 2015 IEEE ICDE 2002, 2011 (Industrial Track), 2012 EDBT 2014 (Demo track) ACM SIGKDD 2013 ACM CIKM 2004, 2012 (Senior PC member), 2013 Clean DB Workshop 2007 COMAD 2009, 2011, 2012 DBTest 2010 SMDB 2008

National Science Foundation (NSF) Panelist National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Panelist: Committee on State Voter Registration Databases, 2007. National Academy of Engineering (NAE), Frontiers of Engineering Symposium Attendee, 2008. Co-organized the UW-MSR 2010 Summer Institute on Cloud Data Services: Challenges and Opportunities

Invited Talks, Tutorials

Invited Talks, Tutorials

Vivek Narasayya. New Frontiers in Business Intelligence. Keynote at Web Age Information Management (WAIM), 2011, China. Surajit Chaudhuri, Vivek Narasayya. New Frontiers in Business Intelligence. VLDB 2011, Seattle, USA. Vivek Narsayya. SQL Server Query Optimizer, and Reflections on Query Optimization. May 2010, Stanford University. Surajit Chaudhuri, Vivek Narasayya. “Self-Tuning Database Systems: A Decade of Progress”. VLDB 2007, Vienna, Austria. Invited Talk for 10-year Best Paper Award. Vivek Narasayya. “Recent Advances in Self-Tuning Database Systems”. Keynote talk at International Workshop on Automated Performance Tuning (iWAPT) 2007, Tokyo, Japan. Vivek Narasayya. “Microsoft SQL Server Query Optimizer”. May 2007, Stanford University. Vivek Narasayya. “AutoAdmin: Towards Self-Tuning Databases”. Nov 2002, Nov 2003, Stanford University.



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