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With this new, intelligent camera app, you can enjoy life's moments instead of struggling to capture them.

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Add frames to your Live Images. Try our exclusive Fantastic Beasts frames to feel like a part of the wizarding world.

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Smart Capture

Microsoft Pix is a bit like having a pro photographer in your phone—always tweaking settings, selecting your best shots, and enhancing each one. It also captures frames before you even tap on the shutter, so you won't miss the best moment.


People are our most important photo subjects, so when a face is detected, Microsoft Pix automatically adjusts settings and after-shot enhancements. It also lets you compare the before and after, to ensure everyone looks their best.

Fun with Live Images

When interesting motion is detected in your shot, it auto-creates a short, looping video called a Live Image. Make sure your shot is well lit and contains clear movement to help trigger a Live Image.

Photo Comparisons Features Press Reviews About How It Works

Slider Comparison

When Microsoft Pix detects faces, it automatically adjusts exposure to help faces look better, even in difficult lighting situations. It also uses a proprietary multi-frame de-noise technology, which uses other burst frames to enhance the Best Image, so faces and backgrounds are as true-to-life as possible. Look for differences in detail on the couple's faces, in the water, and the patch of blue sky.

Hover Zoom ComparisonHover Zoom Comparison

Hover Zoom Comparison

Microsoft Pix prioritizes people when faces are detected, so it auto-adjusts exposure to correct for backlight, and tries to keep colors as true to life as possible. Compare the colors of the food, the shadows on faces, or even the color and exposure of the objects in the background.

Microsoft Pix
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Live Image vs. Live Photo

Rather than capturing a video of the moment surrounding the shutter tap, Microsoft Pix produces a smooth, stable video with even exposure called a Live Image. They're created by auto-enhancing each burst frame, stitching them together, and looping the action. This means you see water flowing and hair blowing, but not the camera instability during capture, or exposure adjustments present in the Live Photo.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF Comparison

Our Best Image feature auto-selects the best photo from the burst, based on photo criteria like exposure and sharpness, and on people criteria like open eyes and smiles. Pix selected a frame where the child's eyes are more open, and auto-adjusted exposure to capture detail in people's faces, hair and clothing, without losing color accuracy and background detail.

Hover Zoom Comparison

Microsoft Pix uses multiple technologies to provide true, accurate color for skin tones, food, and foliage, as well as accurate exposure and detail in both the shadow and the highlight areas of the photo. Compare the differences in the shadows on people's faces, or the color and crispness of the greens in the salad bowl.


Hyperlapse Comparison

Microsoft Hyperlapse helps you capture better videos with video stabilization and time-lapse. Compare the bumpiness of the 8x time-lapse video (left) with the smoother playback of the 8x Hyperlapse (right), due to Hyperlapse’s built-in video stabilization. If you don’t want to time-lapse, you can still use Hyperlapse at 1x speed, which will stabilize your video for easier viewing, but maintain the same speed and audio track.