A hybrid workspace throughout with both onsite and virtual people at and around a long table

BREW: Blended Reality Encounters & Workflows

Making telepresence work for teams throughout the workday

The Blended Reality Encounters & Workflows (BREW) research group, (in the Future of Work theme), investigates the principles for social and technological telepresence that enable remote/hybrid teams to feel present and achieve goals throughout the workday, from ambient awareness, through spontaneous encounters, to focused meetings.

In our presence explorations, we are exploring blended reality experiences, which are combinations of videoconferencing, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality technologies, enabled through combinations of devices. The focus is on finding principles for connecting people in ways that are most appropriate to their endpoint technology, social context, and goals of encounters. We seek to apply these principles to a range of workday encounters, from ambient awareness, through spontaneous encounters, to meetings. Our goal is to develop solutions that have common principles, infrastructure, and features across modes of encounters, but are executed in different combinations that do not require or presume a one-size-fits-all solution.

In our purpose explorations, we are investigating how to measure and support goal-directed behaviour in encounters across the workday, with a focus on helping people have effective and inclusive meetings. We seek to promote intentional meeting individual and group behaviours, and, more broadly, how to support organisational cultures of experimentation that enable them to tailor meeting behaviours to specific and changing circumstances.