Established: February 27, 2012

IllumiShare is an innovative system that enables remote people to share any physical or digital object on any surface. It is a low-cost, peripheral device that looks like a desk lamp, and just like a lamp lights up a surface at which it is pointed, IllumiShare shares a surface. It works well with existing systems for video communication, such as Skype, to provide delightful experiences through a hardware-software combination.

IllumiShare Illustration

Some media coverage

Some demos

  • Microsoft Company Meeting 2012
  • Seattle Science Festival 2012
  • Microsoft MGX 2012
  • Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference 2012
  • Cannes Festival of Creativity 2012
  • Computex 2012
  • Microsoft TechFest 2012
  • Craig Mundie’s Tech Forum 2012