Large Artwork Display on Surface (LADS)

Established: April 21, 2011

Large Artwork Display on Surface (LADS)Created for Microsoft Surface 2.0 by the Graphics, Visualization, and Interaction Group at Brown University, led by Andy van Dan, LADS is a platform for viewing large, digitized images on touch screen devices. LADS takes advantage of Deep Zoom, Surface, and other novel Microsoft technologies to create an intuitive browsing experience combined with a simple and powerful authoring interface.


Large Artwork Display on Surface (LADS) grew out of the earlier Garibaldi project on Microsoft Surface 1.0 that was a part of the Beneath the Surface project. The success of Garibaldi led Andy’s team to generalize the effort toward supporting any large artwork that may be otherwise difficult to view and study.


Recently an internal release was made available to Microsoft Research Connections that contains a full demo repository including a large black-and-white image of the sun, a large Chinese scroll, and the entire Garibaldi Panorama, as well as a number of other images to populate the collection. LADS also comes with a content authoring tool to allow one to populate a collection. We are excited about the progress being made and look forward to a full public release! (In the meantime, an early version of the user guide is available to the public so that you can learn about some of its features and functionality.)

LADS is available as an open source release on CodePlex.

The Future

Andy’s team has ambitious plans for extending and improving LADS as they combine it with WorkTop (previously known as HumBub) over the coming year, under continued support from Microsoft Research Connections. It will be released to the public once the Microsoft Surface version 2.0 software development kit (SDK) is officially released.

LADS requires the Surface 2.0 SDK, which is currently under a non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft. Downloading and installing the SDK should be done via an agreement with Microsoft, and may require installing other Microsoft runtimes.