Microsoft Research Face SDK Beta

Established: February 23, 2012

Microsoft Research Face SDK integrates the latest face technologies from Microsoft research teams. It provides state-of-the-art algorithms to process face images, like face detection, alignment, tracking, and cartoon generation.



Major features are:


Given an image, this module tries to detect all faces from it and returns a list of rectangles indicating the face positions. The detection algorithm automatically handles the illumination changes as well as different face view angles.

* If you find a situation where the detector cannot detect human faces under reasonable conditions, you’re welcome to send us the photo (or the link to the photo).


This module tries to locate the face components (eyes, brows, mouth, nose, etc) and return either component centers or component outlines.


This module creates a personalized cartoon portrait from a single image. User can customize the portrait by selecting different styles or applying different templates.


This module locates the face position in real-time in a live video stream. User can use the head movement (turning left/right, etc.) to interact with a Windows Phone.

2012 May Release

Microsoft Research Face SDK Beta for Windows Phone is available for download. Any comments or suggestions, please contact us at Microsoft Research Face SDK forum.