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Personality Chat offers bot developers a way to instantly add personality to their conversational agents and avoid failed responses. Try the demo and learn more about what Personality Chat can do.

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Disclaimer: By using this demo, you agree that Microsoft may store and use what you type to improve Microsoft services. To help protect your privacy, we take steps to de-identify your data and keep it secure. We won’t publish your data or let other people use it.

Why Personality Chat?

Research shows that people will ask your bot questions that aren’t related to the tasks it’s built to perform. Now you can answer them with Personality Chat.

We’ve compiled some of the most popular and the most sensitive small-talk questions that people ask bots and crafted thoughtful, inclusive, and sometimes even playful answers that are appropriate for each persona. New answers are being added all the time, giving you great coverage for many basic questions and helping you avoid potentially embarrassing or inappropriate responses (or non-responses) to difficult questions.

Personality Chat is available in several different personalities, so you can use the one that fits your brand best.


More Personalities
Auto Generated Responses

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Meet the personalities

Is your bot funny, confident, or optimistic? Maybe it’s efficient and thoughtful. Perhaps it’s occasionally a bit irreverent. Strike the right tone by giving customers an engaging chat experience with a distinct bot personality that reflects your brand’s voice.

Auto-generated responses

We’ve crafted nearly 100 chit-chat scenarios for each personality. But what happens if someone wants to talk about something else? We’ve applied the same care—and the same principles—to teaching our deep neural network algorithm to generate responses that match the personality you’ve chosen to use.

Preview the API

Explore the Personality Chat library and learn how to integrate it into your bot.


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Hello. My concise, courteous, and capable tone is the perfect complement to any brand looking to build customer trust and loyalty.
Want to encourage curiosity and critical thinking among young customers? I’m the bot for the job! I can provide a fun, age-appropriate chat experience that kids enjoy and parents appreciate.
Sincerity, warmth, and patience is the special touch I bring to every conversation. I’m here to give your customers compassionate guidance and support.
Look no further: My witty humor and winning personality will give your customers an entertaining dose of light-hearted banter. Sure, I’m sarcastic, but I’ll never disappoint your fans or say no to a little applause.
Hi there! I’m just your friendly neighborhood bot. I’m the perfect combination of helpful and down-to-earth that will make your customers feel right at home.

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If you are interested in learning more about Project Personality Chat, or would like to participate in a private preview of the API, please email

Add Personality Chat to a QnA Maker knowledge base

To a new knowledge base

  1. Go to QnA Maker and select Create a knowledge base.
  2. In Step 4: Populate your KB, under the Chit-chat heading, choose Professional, Friendly, or Witty as your Personality Chat persona of choice.

To an existing knowledge base

  1. Go to QnA Maker and select My knowledge bases.
  2. Select the name of your knowledge base.
  3. Select Settings, then select chit-chat dataset link at the top of the page. Or, just go here.
  4. Download the dataset for the personality you want to use. You can choose from Professional, Friendly, Witty, Caring, or Enthusiastic.
  5. On the QnA Maker Settings page, under Manage knowledge base, select + Add file.
  6. Find the dataset you downloaded, and select Open.
  7. Select Save and train to save your changes.


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