Project Hawaii

Established: November 9, 2012

(opens in new tab)The Project Hawaii program was discontinued on October 8, 2013.

With Project Hawaii, you can develop cloud-enhanced mobile applications that access a set of cloud services and Windows Azure for computation and data storage. Project Hawaii provides the tools and services; you provide the creativity and imagination.

Project Hawaii Cloud Services

The Project Hawaii SDK enables you to create of applications that take advantage of research cloud services.

The following cloud services are included in the Project Hawaii SDK:

  • Social Mobile Sharing (SMASH) Service
    The Smash service is a client-server system that enables rapid prototyping and development of solutions for social computing scenarios on Windows desktop and Windows Phone mobile platforms. Smash provides a general sharing mechanism for observable collections, and is part of the Project Hawaii SDK.
  • Path Prediction Service
    This service enables a mobile application to predict a user’s destination based on current route data.
  • Key-Value Store Service
    This service provides a simple key-value store for mobile applications. With this service, an application can store and retrieve application-wide state information as text by using key-value pairs.
  • Translator Service
    This service provides an interface to Microsoft Translator. It enables a mobile application to translate text from one language to another and to obtain an audio stream that renders a string in a spoken language.
  • Relay Service
    This service provides a relay point in the cloud that mobile applications can use to communicate. It provides an endpoint naming scheme and buffering for sent messages.
  • Rendezvous Service
    This service is a mapping service from well-known human-readable names to endpoints in the Hawaii Relay Service. This service uses well-known human-readable names as stable rendezvous points that can be compiled into applications.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Service
    This service takes a photographic image that contains some text and returns the text. For example, given a JPEG image of a road sign, the service would return the text of the sign.
  • Speech-to-Text Service
    This service takes a spoken phrase and returns text (currently in English only).

Download the Project Hawaii SDK (opens in new tab)

Application Analytics

We are pleased to offer a new application analytics service called AppInsight to project Hawaii participants. AppInsight provides you with detailed insights into how your application is being used in the wild – who your users are, when they use your app, and how they use it. AppInsight can also tell you where the performance bottlenecks in your app are, and which features of your app are being used the most.

Best of all, you don’t have to write a single new line of code to do all this! Just run your final XAP through our instrumenter and you can start seeing usage data right away.

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