Research Collaboration Conferences for Women

Established: November 5, 2012

A new initiative to build networks of female researchers in many areas of mathematics, through Research Collaboration Conferences at math institutes, which focus on building collaboration groups consisting of senior and junior women in a given area.

RCCW: The research collaboration networks for women in mathematics linked to this effort so far are WIN, WiSh, WIT, WhAM!, WIG, WINART. 

Microsoft Research is proud to have co-funded the WIN, WhAM! and WiSh conferences and the AWM Symposia.

WIN: Women In Numbers :

WiSh: Women in Shape

WIT: Women In Topology

WhAM! Women in Applied Math

WINASC: Women in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

  • WhAM!2 Numerical Partial Differential Equations and Scientific Computing, IMA, 2014
  • AWM-WhAM2! Workshop at SIAM (2017)

WINART: Women in Noncommutative Algebra and Representation Theory