Tools for Software Engineers

Established: June 29, 2012

The mission of Microsoft’s One Engineering System (formerly known as Tools for Software Engineers) team is to enable the world’s best product engineering teams with world-class tools and systems that help them ship products their customers love.

1ES provides tools and services to cover the full spectrum of the engineering life-cycle, from the developer desktop to product deployment. 1ES focuses on engineering solutions that mitigate the unique scale challenges that Microsoft teams face, both in terms of breadth: consistently managing many software products within an organization, and depth: managing huge source code repositories. We achieve this by building on retail developer tools to deliver solutions to common engineering patterns that provide a productive and satisfying developer experience to engineers with the performance, security, accessibility, and scale that Microsoft requires.

We believe the key to creating the best engineering culture is to focus on the key practices and cultural values of high-performing teams. We use this as a lens to help us build the tools and systems that make adopting these values and practices friction-free.

We want our high-performing teams to be:

    • Agile: Teams are enabled to continuously build, test, and validate their solutions to effectively solve customer problems, leading to higher usage and revenue.
    • Collaborative: Any developer on any team can view and contribute to any other team’s code, allowing the best ideas to flourish across the entire organization/enterprise.
    • Operating in the open: Teams collaborate with the global software ecosystem, giving back via open source.
    • Diverse and inclusive: Teams are made up of members with diversity in thought and background, where all ideas and voices are heard.

We believe that the right set of tools and services can promote and reinforce a high-performing team culture, and those tools and services are essential for the large-scale products and services that Microsoft offers to its customers.

More details about our approach and projects is appearing on the team’s blog (opens in new tab).