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Established: January 1, 2012

Trill is a high-performance open-source in-memory incremental analytics library. It can handle both real-time and offline data, and is based on a temporal data and query model. Trill can be used as a streaming engine, a lightweight in-memory relational engine, and as a progressive query processor (for early query results on partial data).

You can learn more about Trill from the publications below, or from our slides here pdf (opens in new tab) | pptx (opens in new tab).

Trill is now open-source, and is available on GitHub here (opens in new tab)!


Portrait of Badrish Chandramouli

Badrish Chandramouli

Partner Research Manager

Portrait of James Terwilliger

James Terwilliger

Principal Software Engineer

Portrait of Peter Freiling

Peter Freiling

Senior Software Engineer

Portrait of Yinan Li

Yinan Li

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Rob DeLine

Rob DeLine

Senior Principal Researcher