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Established: September 24, 2012

pgtitle_tryfsharp-goldTry F# demonstrates the power of F# to solve real-world analytical programming and information-rich problems by providing a web experience to help you learn the F# language, create programs, and share information—quickly and easily.

A growing trend in both the theory and practice of programming is the interaction with rich information spaces. This trend derives from the ever-increasing need to integrate programming with large, heterogeneous, connected, richly structured, streaming, evolving, or probabilistic information sources—be they databases, web services, or large‐scale, cloud‐based data analyses. However, as the complexity of programs and information structures increases, the coupling between the two is far from seamless, requiring many manual programming and modeling efforts. These manual processes often lead to brittle programs and thwart the easy application of novel compiler technologies and information mastering methods.

Providing strongly typed access to rich data sources is a key consideration for strongly-typed programming languages, to insure low impedance mismatch in information access.

F# 3.0 addresses these issues, making it ideal for analytical, data-rich, and parallel-component development, harnessing the power of functional programming while bringing the web of data to your fingertips through type providers.

And Try F# makes it even easier to program in F# 3.0 with an easy to learn, simple to use, and straightforward way of sharing, all through the browser.

New Try F#

New Try F#

By working with the community, we have enhanced the “learn” experience, now complete with sample materials to get you started. Try F# now includes “create and share” experiences that help you write simple code to solve complex problems and then easily share snippets or sample packs with others.

F# communities make it easy to get involved:



  • Data-Centric Programming Workshop 2014San Diego, CA US • 25 January 2014
  • Data Driven Functional Programming Workshop 2013Rome, Italy • 22 January 2013
  • First Workshop on Programming the Semantic Web (ISWC)Boston, MA, US • 11 November 2012

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