3D Deformable Face Tracking with a Commodity Depth Camera

Communication and Collaboration Systems Group |

Recently, there has been an increasing number of depth cameras available at commodity prices. These cameras can usually capture both color and depth images in real-time, with limited resolution and accuracy. In this paper, we study the problem of 3D deformable face tracking with such commodity depth cameras. A regularized maximum likelihood deformable model fitting (DMF) algorithm is developed, with special emphasis on handling the noisy input depth data. In particular, we present a maximum likelihood solution that can accommodate sensor noise represented by an arbitrary covariance matrix, which allows more elaborate modeling of the sensor’s accuracy. Furthermore, an `1 regularization scheme is proposed based on the semantics of the deformable face model, which is shown to be very effective in improving the tracking results. To track facial movement in subsequent frames, feature points in the texture images are matched across frames and integrated into the DMF framework seamlessly. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated with multiple sequences with ground truth information