Adding the EPSG:4326 Geographic Longitude-Latitude Projection to TerraServer

  • Siddharth Jain ,
  • Tom Barclay

MSR-TR-2003-56 |

This report describes the addition of EPSG:4326 Geographic longitude-latitude projection to the Open GIS Consortium Web Map Server (OGCWMS) component of TerraServer. The key effort involved experimenting with two algorithms for achieving the re-projection: (a) apply an affine or affine-perspective transformation to the UTM imagery so that resulting image looks geographically projected, and, (b) start with an empty image in a Cartesian (longitude, latitude) or (lon, lat) grid. For each pixel in (lon, lat) system find UTM cords and set the color of the pixel equal to the pixel with computed UTM cords. These approaches are described and discussed and results are presented.