International trade in Appendix II-listed species of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) requires a Scientific Authority of the State of export to determine that such trade will not be detrimental to species survival in the wild (Article IV of CITES). The Review of Significant Trade in Specimens of Appendix-II species (RST) process was established to address problems relating to the application of Article IV. Continuing uncertainty in the sustainability of international exports of the plant species Galanthus woronowii Losinsk. from wild populations in Georgia led to the application of the RST process and the Georgian Management Authority being tasked with determining and reporting whether export levels conformed to Article IV of the Convention. Here we report on the project that was established to address that task. Nationwide field surveys conducted in 2009 led to the recommendation of a conservative annual export quota for the surveyed sites of 15 million plants. Cultivated populations held significant stocks of harvestable plants but with varied cultivation histories, especially in the extent and nature of supplementary planting. Future work should continue to monitor harvesting from wild populations and identify solutions for local communities wishing to cultivate populations for international trade.