Bio Model Analyzer: Visual Tool for Modeling and Analysis of Biological Networks

  • Benque D ,
  • Bourton S ,
  • Cockerton C ,
  • Byron Cook ,
  • Jasmin Fisher ,
  • Samin Ishtiaq ,
  • Piterman N ,
  • Taylor A ,
  • Vardi M

Computer Aided Verification (CAV) 2012. LNCS 7358, pp. 686-692 |

Published by Springer Verlag

Bio Model Analyzer (BMA) is a tool for modeling and analyzing biological networks. Designed with a lightweight graphical user interface, the tool facilitates usage for biologists with no previous knowledge in programming or formal methods. The current implementation analyzes systems to establish stabilization. The results of the analysis|whether they be proofs or counterexamples|are represented visually. This paper describes the approach to modeling used in Ripple and also notes soon-to-be-released extensions to the tool.