Generation of high-precision sub-phonetic attribute (also known as phonological features) and phone lattices is a key frontend component for detection-based bottom-up speech recognition. In this paper we employ deep neural networks (DNNs) to improve detection accuracy over conventional shallow MLPs (multi-layer perceptrons) with one hidden layer. A range of DNN architectures with five to seven hidden layers and up to 2048 hidden units per layer have been explored. Training on the SI84 and testing on the Nov92 WSJ data, the proposed DNNs achieve significant improvements over the shallow MLPs, producing greater than 90% frame-level attribute estimation accuracies for all 21 attributes tested for the full system. On the phone detection task, we also obtain excellent frame-level accuracy of 86.6%. With this level of high-precision detection of basic speech units we have opened the door to a new family of flexible speech recognition system design for both top-down and bottom-up, lattice-based search strategies and knowledge integration.