Co-Training with Noisy Perceptual Observations

  • C. Mario Christoudias ,
  • Raquel Urtasun ,
  • Ashish Kapoor ,
  • Trevor Darrell

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2009. CVPR 2009 |

Published by IEEE


Many perception problems involve datasets that are naturally comprised of multiple streams or modalities for which supervised training data is only sparsely available. In cases where there is a degree of conditional independence between such views, a class of semi-supervised learning techniques that are based on maximizing view agreement over unlabeled data has been proven successful in a wide range of machine learning domains. However, these `co-training’ or `multi-view’ learning methods have had relatively limited application in vision, due in part to the assumption of constant per-channel noise models. In this paper we propose a probabilistic heteroscedastic approach to co-training that simultaneously discovers the amount of noise on a per-sample basis, while solving the classification task. This results in high performance in the presence of occlusion or other complex observation noise processes. We demonstrate our approach in two domains, multi-view object recognition from low-fidelity sensor networks and audio-visual classification.