Combining Multipath Routing and Congestion Control for Robustness

Peter Key, Laurent Massoulié, Don Towsley

CISS 2006, 40th Conference on Information Sciences and Systems |

Published by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. | Organized by IEEE Information Society


Flexible routing schemes mitigate some of the problems associated with uncertain traffic patterns and workloads by making the exact location of capacity less important: if there is available capacity the routing scheme will find it. In this paper we propose a combined multipath routing and congestion control architecture that can provide performance improvements to the end user and simplifies network dimensioning for operators. We describe a flow-level model, able to handle streaming and file transfer traffic, with stochastic arrivals, and look at a fluid limit. We describe a congestion controller and path selection algorithm that automatically balances traffic across the lowest cost paths, and we suggest ways in which just two paths may be used, with a random selection policy. A notable feature of a multipath congestion controller is that it cannot be tuned to a single RTT