wordpvIn this paper, we introduce a visualization method that couples a trend chart with word clouds to illustrate temporal content evolutions in a set of documents. Specifically, we use a trend chart to encode the overall semantic evolution of document content over time. In our work, semantic evolution of a document collection is modeled by varied significance of document content, represented by a set of representative keywords, at different time points. At each time point, we also use a word cloud to depict the representative keywords. Since the words in a word cloud may vary one from another over time (e.g., words with increased importance), we use geometry meshes and an adaptive force-directed model to lay out word clouds to highlight the word differences between any two subsequent word clouds. Our method also ensures semantic coherence and spatial stability of word clouds over time. Our work is embodied in an interactive visual analysis system that helps users to perform text analysis and derive insights from a large collection of documents. Our preliminary evaluation demonstrates the usefulness and usability of our work.