The Dafny Integrated Development Environment

  • Rustan Leino ,
  • Valentin Wüstholz

F-IDE 2014 |

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In recent years, program verifiers and interactive theorem provers have become more powerful and more suitable for verifying large programs or proofs. This has demonstrated the need for improving the user experience of these tools to increase productivity and to make them more accessible to nonexperts. This paper presents an integrated development environment for Dafny—a programming language, verifier, and proof assistant—that addresses issues present in most state-of-the-art verifiers: low responsiveness and lack of support for understanding non-obvious verification failures. The paper demonstrates several new features that move the state-of-the-art closer towards a verification environment that can provide verification feedback as the user types and can present more helpful information about the program or failed verifications in a demand-driven and unobtrusive way.