Digital Memories In an Era of Ubiquitous Computing and Abundant Storage

  • ,
  • Douglas W. Gage ,
  • Jim Gemmell ,
  • Cathy Marshall ,
  • Manuel A. Perez-Quinonesis ,
  • Meredith M. Skeels ,
  • Tiziana Catarci

Communications of the ACM |

Gordon returns home from a business trip, and the photos taken automatically by his hat-mounted camera (see Figure 1a) begin to appear on the screensaver built into the screen on his refrigerator (see Figure 1c). One of a lunch with colleagues reminds him of an email message he wants to reread, remembering he last opened it during a meeting after the lunch. He uses his tablet PC to display the list of photos on the refrigerator and looks up the lunch appointment associated with the photo. Seeing the meeting, he requests all email accessed during that time.