Efficient and Fair MAC for Wireless Networks with Self-interference Cancellation

  • Nikhil Singh
  • Dinan Gunawardena
  • Alexandre Proutiere
  • Horia Vlad Balan
  • Peter Key

WiOpt 2011 |

Recent advances in PHY layer design demonstrated efficient self-interference cancellation and full-duplex in a single band. Building a MAC that exploits self-interference cancellation is a challenging task. Links can be scheduled concurrently, but only if they either (i) don’t interfere or (ii) allow for self-interference cancellation. Two issues arise: Firstly, it is difficult to construct a schedule that fully exploits the potentials for self-interference cancellation for arbitrary traffic patterns. Secondly, designing an efficient and fair distributed MAC is a daunting task; the issues become even more pronounced when scheduling under the constraints. We propose ContraFlow, a novel MAC that exploits the benefits of self-interference cancellation and increases spatial reuse. We use full-duplex to eliminate hidden terminals, and we rectify decentralized coordination inefficiencies among nodes, thereby improving fairness. Using measurements and simulations we illustrate the performance gains achieved when ContraFlow is used and we obtain both a throughput increase over current systems, as well as a significant improvement in fairness.