Recently, cloud computing platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, are available to provide
convenient infrastructures such that cloud applications could conduct cloud and data‐intensive computing. To ensure high quality of cloud applications under development, developer testing (also referred to as unit testing) could be used. The behavior of a unit in a cloud application is dependent on the test inputs as well as the state of the cloud environment. Generally, manually providing various test inputs and cloud states for conducting developer testing is time‐consuming and labor‐intensive. To reduce the manual effort, developers could employ automated test generation tools. However, applying
an automated test generation tool faces the challenge of generating various cloud states for achieving effective testing, such as achieving high structural coverage of the cloud application since these tools cannot control the cloud environment. To address this challenge, we propose an approach to (1) model the cloud environment for simulating the behavior of the real environment and, (2) apply Dynamic Symbolic Execution (DSE) to both generate test inputs and cloud states to achieve high structural coverage. We apply our approach on some open source Azure cloud applications. The result shows that our approach automatically generates test inputs and cloud states to achieve high structural coverage of the cloud applications.