Fast Personalized PageRank on MapReduce

Bahman Bahmani, Kaushik Chakrabarti, Dong Xin

ACM SIGMOD Conference |

In this paper, we design a fast MapReduce algorithm for Monte Carlo approximation of personalized PageRank vectors of all the nodes in a graph. The basic idea is very efficiently doing single random walks of a given length starting at each node in the graph. More precisely, we design a MapReduce algorithm, which given a graph G and a length λ, outputs a single random walk of length λ starting at each node in G. We will show that the number of MapReduce iterations used by our algorithm is optimal among a broad family of algorithms for the problem, and its I/O efficiency is much better than the existing candidates. We will then show how we can use this algorithm to very efficiently approximate all the personalized PageRank vectors. Our empirical evaluation on real-life graph data and in production MapReduce environment shows that our algorithm is significantly more efficient than all the existing algorithms in the MapReduce setting.