A Framework for Robust and Flexible Handling of Inputs with Uncertainty

UIST '10 Proceedings of the 23nd annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology |

Published by ACM


New input technologies (such as touch), recognition based input (such as pen gestures) and next-generation interactions (such as inexact interaction) all hold the promise of more natural user interfaces. However, these techniques all create inputs with some uncertainty. Unfortunately, conventional infrastructure lacks a method for easily handling uncertainty, and as a result input produced by these technologies is often converted to conventional events as quickly as possible, leading to a stunted interactive experience. We present a framework for handling input with uncertainty in a systematic, extensible, and easy to manipulate fashion. To illustrate this framework, we present several traditional interactors which have been extended to provide feedback about uncertain inputs and to allow for the possibility that in the end that input will be judged wrong (or end up going to a different interactor). Our six demonstrations include tiny buttons that are manipulable using touch input, a text box that can handle multiple interpretations of spoken input, a scrollbar that can respond to inexactly placed input, and buttons which are easier to click for people with motor impairments. Our framework supports all of these interactions by carrying uncertainty forward all the way through selection of possible target interactors, interpretation by interactors, generation of (uncertain) candidate actions to take, and a mediation process that decides (in a lazy fashion) which actions should become final.