GPS Trajectories with transportation mode labels

This is a portion of GPS trajectory dataset collected in (Microsoft Research Asia) GeoLife project. Each trajectory has a set of transportation mode labels, such as by driving, taking a bus, riding a bike and walking. There is a label file associated with each folder storing the trajectories of a user. Though this is only a part of the dataset used in the following papers, the scale of this released dataset can still support transportation mode learning.

A GPS trajectory of this dataset is represented by a sequence of time-stamped points, each of which contains the information of latitude, longitude, height, speed and heading direction, etc. These trajectories were recorded by different GPS loggers or GPS-phones, and have a variety of sampling rates. 95 percent of the trajectories are logged in a dense representation, e.g., every 2~5 seconds or every 5~10 meters per point, while a few of them do not have such a high density being constrained by the devices.

Please cite the following three papers when using this GPS dataset.
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Download and decompress the following files. Refer to the enclosed user guide for details.