Diffusion curve primitives are a compact and powerful representation for vector images. While several vector image authoring tools leverage these representations, automatically and accurately vectorizing arbitrary raster images using diffusion curves remains a difficult problem. We automatically generate sparse diffusion curve vectorizations of raster images by fitting curves in the Laplacian domain. Our approach is fast, combines Laplacian and bilaplacian diffusion curve representations, and generates a hierarchical representation that accurately reconstructs both vector art and natural images. The key idea of our method is to trace curves in the Laplacian domain, which captures both sharp and smooth image features, across scales, more robustly than previous image- and gradient-domain fitting strategies. The sparse set of curves generated by our method accurately reconstructs images and often closely matches tediously hand-authored curve data. Also, our hierarchical curves are readily usable in all existing editing frameworks. We validate our method on a broad class of images, including natural images, synthesized images with turbulent multi-scale details, and traditional vector-art, as well as illustrating simple multi-scale abstraction and color editing results.