We present a new approach to capture video at high spatial and spectral resolutions using a hybrid camera system. Composed of an RGB video camera, a grayscale video camera and several optical elements, the hybrid camera system simultaneously records two video streams: an RGB video with high spatial resolution, and a multispectral video with low spatial resolution. After registration of the two video streams, our system propagates the multispectral information into the RGB video to produce a video with both high spectral and spatial resolution. This propagation between videos is guided by color similarity of pixels in the spectral domain, proximity in the spatial domain, and the consistent color of each scene point in the temporal domain. The propagation algorithm is designed for rapid computation to allow real-time video generation at the original frame rate, and can thus facilitate real-time video analysis tasks such as tracking and surveillance. Hardware implementation details and design trade offs are discussed.

We evaluate the proposed system using both simulations with ground truth data and on real-world scenes. The utility of this high resolution multispectral video data is demonstrated in dynamic white balance adjustment and tracking.