Book 1 of reprints of my IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications column

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Table of Contents

  1. How Many Ways Can You Draw a Circle?
  2. What, Teapots Again?
  3. Nested Transformations and Blobby Man
  4. Platonic Solids
  5. How to Write a Paper for SIGGRAPH
  6. Me and My (Fake) Shadow
  7. Things I Hope Not to See or Hear at SIGGRAPH
  8. Where Am I? What Am I Looking At?
  9. The Three Dimensional Kaleidoscope
  10. Fractional Invisibility
  11. Optimal Tubes
  12. The Ultimate Design Tool
  13. Line Clipping
  14. Pixel Coordinates
  15. Subpixelic Particles
  16. Grandpa, What Does “Viewport” Mean?
  17. Hyperbolic Interpolation
  18. The Homogeneous Perspective Transform
  19. Back Face Culling Snags
  20. Farewell to FORTRAN