Learning CRFs using Graph Cuts

  • Martin Szummer ,
  • Pushmeet Kohli ,
  • Derek Hoiem

European Conference on Computer Vision |

Many computer vision problems are naturally formulated as random fields, specifically MRFs or CRFs. The introduction of graph cuts has enabled efficient and optimal inference in associative random fields, greatly advancing applications such as segmentation, stereo reconstruction and many others. However, while fast inference is now widespread, parameter learning in random fields has remained an intractable problem. This paper shows how to apply fast inference algorithms, in particular graph cuts, to learn parameters of random fields with similar efficiency. We find optimal parameter values under standard regularized objective functions that ensure good generalization. Our algorithm enables learning of many parameters in reasonable time, and we explore further speedup techniques. We also discuss extensions to non-associative and multi-class problems. We evaluate the method on image segmentation and geometry recognition.