Multimedia Search Reranking: A Literature Survey

  • Tao Mei ,
  • Yong Rui ,
  • Shipeng Li ,
  • Qi Tian

ACM Computing Surveys |

The explosive growth and widespread accessibility of community contributed media content on the Internet have led to a surge of research activity in multimedia search. Approaches that apply text search techniques for multimedia search have achieved limited success as they entirely ignore visual content as a ranking signal. Multimedia search re-ranking, which reorders visual documents based on multimodal cues to improve initial text-only searches, has received increasing attention in recent years. Such a problem is challenging because the initial search results often have a great deal of noise. Discovering knowledge or visual patterns from such a noisy ranked list to guide the re-ranking process is difficult. Numerous techniques have been developed for visual search re-ranking. The purpose of this paper is to categorize and evaluate these algorithms. We also discuss relevant issues such as data collection, evaluation metrics, and benchmarking. We conclude with several promising directions for future research.