Network Objects

  • Andrew Birrell ,
  • Greg Nelson ,
  • Susan Owicki ,
  • Ted Wobber

Software: Practice and Experience | , Vol 25: pp. 87-130

Also appeared as SRC Research Report 115

The charter of SRC is to advance both the state of knowledge and the state of the art in computer systems. From our establishmentin1984, we have performed basic and applied research to support Digital’s business objectives. Our current work includes exploring distributed personal computing on multiple platforms, networking, programming technology, system modelling and management techniques, and selected applications. Our strategy is to test the technical and practical value of our ideas by building hardware and software prototypes and using them as daily tools. Interesting systems are too complex to be evaluated solely in the abstract; extended use allows us to investigate their properties in depth. This experience is useful in the short term in refining our designs, and invaluable in the long term in advancing our knowledge. Most of the major advances in information systems have come through this strategy, including personal computing, distributed systems, and the Internet. We also perform complementary work of a more mathematical flavor. Some of it is in establishedfieldsof theoretical computer science, such as the analysis of algorithms,computational geometry, and logics of programming. Other work explores new ground motivated by problems that arise in our systems research. We have a strong commitment to communicating our results; exposing and testing our ideas in the research and development communities leads to improved understanding. Our research report series supplements publication in professional journals and conferences. We seek users for our prototype systems among those with whom we have common interests, and we encourage collaboration with university researchers.