NewsPad: Designing for Collaborative Storytelling in Neighborhoods

  • J. Nathan Matias
  • Andrés Monroy-Hernández

CHI 2014 |

Published by ACM

This paper introduces design explorations in neighborhood collaborative storytelling. We focus on blogs and citizen journalism, which have been celebrated as a means to meet the reporting needs of small local communities. These bloggers have limited capacity and social media feeds seldom have the context or readability of news stories. We present NewsPad, a content editor that helps communities create structured stories, collaborate in real time, recruit contributors, and syndicate the editing process. We evaluate NewsPad in four pilot deployments and find that the design elicits collaborative story creation.

Newspad: Creating Meaningful Community Stories

NewsPad is a collaborative news editor designed to empower small communities to write articles collaboratively through: community sourcing, structured stories, and the ability to embed the story anywhere