Object-Level Ranking: Bringing Order to Web Objects

  • Zaiqing Nie
  • Yuanzhi Zhang
  • Ji-Rong Wen
  • Wei-Ying Ma

MSR-TR-2004-129 |

In contrast with the current Web search methods that essentially do document-level ranking and retrieval, we are exploring a new paradigm to enable Web search at the object level. We collect Web information for objects relevant for a specific application domain and rank these objects in terms of their relevance and popularity to answer user queries. Traditional PageRank model is no longer valid for object popularity calculation because of the existence of heterogeneous relationships between objects. This paper introduces PopRank, a domain-independent object-level link analysis model to rank the objects within a specific domain. Specifically we assign a popularity propagation factor to each type of object relationship, study how different popularity propagation factors for these heterogeneous relationships could affect the popularity ranking, and propose efficient approaches to automatically decide these factors. Our experiments are done in the context of Libra, an object-level paper search engine indexing 1 million CS papers.